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35 Hunter, "Pegasus"
36 Grand Banks, "Moondance"
36 Meridian, "Blue Skies"
37 Bayliner, "African Grace"
40 Bayliner, "Buon Amici"
41 Hunter "Dawn Treader"
41 Meridian, "Impulsive"
50 Horizon Vista, "Float Plane"

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Place Your Vessel in Bareboat
Charter for Big Tax Advantages

AYC's Yacht Management Program helps prospective boat owners reap significant tax advantages. If you are thinking about buying a boat and placing it in charter, be sure to talk to Mike Lovell or Vann Chinchen before you make the purchase. They can help you save a significant amount of money - right off the bat!

Most importantly, sales tax is deferred if you buy a boat and put it into bareboat charter. If you take the boat out of charter, then sales tax comes due on the value of the boat at that time. However, if your boat is in bareboat charter service at the time you sell it, you still do not pay sales tax. The buyer pays the taxman.

By way of example, let's say you buy a mid-1990's Grand Banks for $250,000 in the State of Washington. If you put it in bareboat charter service, the Dept. of Revenue defers the $20,500 sales tax. Sweet!

Please contact AYC's office for more information at 1-800-233-3004.

Featured Yacht- Selene 40 "Analemma"

This well-built Selene Trawler promises to keep you warm, dry and safe on your spring or summer bareboat charter. Similar to its sister Selenes, the 2006-built "Analemma" provides charter boaters with an elegant and efficient ride.

The fully-equipped, 40-footer is powered by a single Cummins 220 HP with bow and stern thrusters. It features the latest electronics including satellite/flat screen TV and laptop compatible GPS plotter. This stable passage maker with its rich teak interior and full suite of amenities guarantees your party of four (max five) will adventure in comfort and class throughout the seasons.

The Rink Family Recalls their ACY-Moorings Charter with Great Fondness

Nancy Rink recalls that their family bareboat sailing trip in July 2007 out of La Paz, Mexico was one of AYC's first Moorings charters. The Camano Island clan known as the subject of Nancy and Phil Rink's book, video and DVD, "Mermaid: Our Family in Paradise, (now available on, were at the time without a boat and they hankered for a tropical getaway.

Nancy remembers that AYC handled all the arrangements with aplomb and the 10-day charter was just what the veteran sailors needed: lots of beautiful beaches, good sailing, secluded anchorages and fun family time. "The Baja is similar to New Mexico only surrounded by water," says Nancy. "We snorkeled at every anchorage and saw tons of dolphins, whales and sea lions."

One of the highlights of the AYC-Moorings charter was when one morning after the full moon Phil observed a fisherman picking up something off the beach. When Phil saw the local was picking up 2-3-foot-long Humboldt squid, he picked up three or four of the critters for as many calamari dinners. Nancy notes, "We saved the beaks and teeth from the squid suckers."

Portland School Charters AYC Sailboats
for Spring Experience

Longtime AYC and Moorings patrons Dave and Carolyn Cannard of Portland will once again skipper two of AYC's Beneteau 50's charter sailboats for a week of sailing in the San Juans with students as part of Catlin Gabel School's annual experiential week. Outdoor Education Director at the Portland school, Dave says that each boat can accommodate eight, high school students and two adults, who are sailors.

This is the fifth year Cannard has helped foster the school's philosophy that hands-on learning is as important as academic learning through charter sailing with AYC. While the students learn how to sail, they also learn how to get along with a variety of people in a small space.

"It's exciting to see the students blossom and come together as a group after a week on the water," says Cannard. "We see remarkable changes; it's a great experience for everyone."

Why does the school charter with AYC? "With my own family and with the school, I have found AYC does a great job of customer service and the boats are in excellent shape. The team is always easy to work with and the Moorings connection is a plus."

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