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32 Nordic Tug, "Tortuga"
36 Grand Banks, "Moondance"
36 Meridian, "Blue Skies"
37 Bayliner, "African Grace"
40 Bayliner, "Buon Amici"
41 Hunter "Dawn Treader"
41 Meridian, "Impulsive"
51 Navigator "TBD"

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Seattle Boat Show IQ Test — Jan. 21-30, 2011

What is the smartest thing you can do at the Seattle Boat Show?

a) Charter a $500,000 yacht from AYC for less than $5,000/week.
b) Charter a vessel from AYC and relax.
c) Charter an AYC vessel fit for royalty.
d) Charter an AYC yacht and earn perks & discounts.
e) Charter an AYC yacht & forget the clean-up.
f) Come see us at the AYC booth.

Answer: All of the above.

Come visit us at the Seattle Boat + Afloat Show!
East Hall Booth 800

AYC's Charter Management Program Primer — Charter Income

AYC's Mike Lovell always explains that putting your boat in charter is not for everyone. But for many boat owners such as Doug Munday of Gig Harbor the charter income derived from eight weeks of chartering his 1997-built, 42' Navigator will, by his calculations, defray about 70 percent of Destiny's expenses.

Even after bringing the Navigator into the AYC fleet last June, Munday was pleased it garnered 5.5 weeks of action, enough work to make the program worthwhile and to offset a great deal of expense. Fully-equipped with bow and stern thrusters, diesel heat and two cabins with two heads, Destiny fits the profile for a successful charter vessel.

Mike cannot stress the advantages of boats like the Navigator that boast top name recognition. Charter clients trust well known brands. Secondly, charter boats score high marks that are new and/or are in excellent condition with beautiful condition trumping age. Finally, vessels with roomy, livable layouts attract more takers.

"Charter boats with all three factors often perform above the average of eight weeks per season," says Mike. "Our owners find that figure typically offsets up to 80 percent of the vessel's costs including moorage, maintenance, insurance as well as loan principal and interest payments."

"I look at the charter management program as an important factor in terms of managing my investment," observes Doug. "My goal is to make Destiny as attractive as possible and to make the charter experience one that is monumental."

Advantages of AYC's Mini-Fleet Management System

Years ago, Dan Meyer pioneered AYC's Mini-Fleet Management System. According to Mike Lovell, AYC is still unique in its commitment to the plan that places about 8 - 10 boats under the direct care and supervision of one fleet captain. The advantages are huge.

"Our fleet captains expedite every charter by bringing a professional process and keen knowledge and awareness of their boats to every check-in and check-out," explains Mike. "They keep maintenance costs to a minimum too, because the customer leaves the dock with a superior awareness of how his boat works. It's all about communication with the fleet captains serving as liaison and advocate for both the owner and the charter client."

Doug Munday, the owner of the 42 Navigator Destiny, is thrilled with the one-point-of- contact program. Not only does Doug view his fleet captain Tom Hawkins as an advocate and great maintenance partner, the two have become good friends.

"I trust Tom to personally checkout my boat, to explain every system and to demonstrate everything from how to operate the head to docking and anchoring" notes Doug. "The system insures that my boat and our customers have a successful experience."

Whales, Grizzlies, Bald Eagles - OH MY!

If you think British Columbia has a lot of bald eagles wait until you get to Alaska! In fact, the wildlife is so wild and full of life in the 49th state, it happens all around you.

When maneuvering in to photograph a glacier, don't forget your nose and earplugs because smelly sea lions will be barking like crazy as they surf swells on bergy bits from calving glaciers. Grab your binoculars and pack your common sense when orcas, grey whales or even grizzlies take center stage. And, of course, the promise of indulging in the finest and freshest crab, salmon and halibut in the world is enough to send most boaters into gastro-overload.

If too much good stuff is for you, give AYC a call to reserve the northbound or southbound leg of an Alaskan adventure on the President 41 Silver Satin. This veteran Alaskan trawler is super fuel efficient, sleeps six and is perfectly designed for an expedition of this caliber.

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